How we do things

We are here to offer our customers what matters for their lives, saving them both time and money. We know that only together we will succeed, working together to find simple solutions, in order to create the best shopping experiences.

We are not afraid to say we strive for excellence. We work with destinations and goals to reach, but we also like to have fun. From the moment we become part of the organization’s life, we enter a race for speed, innovation and development. It’s a team journey just as it is an individual one.

We could write books about our story. We chose to briefly tell you what guides us in doing things the eMAG way.

We love what we do

From how we greet a customer to how we write a code line, passion is the key element in everything we do. For us, passion is the “engine” that drives our every action.

We understand the industry we are working for

We are the ones who create the future of e-commerce in the region. We do this by always going back to the client. We put on his hat and understand his needs in order to improve his online experience.

We look around and discover the unknown

We like to see beyond what’s within reach. We avoid superficial approaches and take a more in-depth look. We consider all the options, even those which have not been tested … yet.

We take action!

We move fast because we want to grow fast. We like action and we take decisions that make a difference.

We are one step ahead

Technology changes, society changes and so do people’s habits. That is why it is important not only to adjust, but most importantly to anticipate these changes.

We start from data in order to create!

In most cases, we are not able to interact directly with the customers. This is why understanding the information behind the actions is essential. Only this will allow us to offer them a customized experience.

We are constantly improving our activity

Each of us works with processes that are specific for his team. Good results come from an in-depth understanding of the processes we work with and the attempt to improve them constantly. Whenever we see that we can do better, we take two steps back and rethink things.

We dare to do anything!

Yes! With a lot of courage, we really can do everything. We may be wrong, but that’s fine. We learn from our mistakes and keep innovating. This is how we implemented the first Black Friday in Romania. The mistakes were commensurate with the ambition, but the learnings were definitely more valuable.

We aim high!

We like to win, have results and generate impact. We know what this means, constant results day after day, without losing sight of the long term performance

We use our potential to the fullest!

We believe in the power of every one of us to grow and evolve. We believe in personal development, in open communication and collaboration. We learn from everyone around us, people from all teams who form eMAG. The proof is the spectacular evolution of our colleagues from programmer to senior manager or from call center operator to manager.